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Could you compare between The Q-ERP Package and other commercial software from local software or international software on the cost of implementation?

For the Q-ERP Package, our company has been developing the Q-ERP Package for software usability with reduce their business workload and diminish the risk management on the project failures. Select the right package for your business that is suitable in software usability. Each package has run on the Work Flow differently based on the condition in use. The Q-ERP software was designed based on the pattern and infrastructure system on Thai business including some changes on features in accordance with your business.

Could you compare between Open Source and Q-ERP software for software usability?

The Open Source is free license software that helps the company save cost to run on your business. On the contrary to the Q-ERP software which provides all features of the business needs, and plus we will support the customers until extendedly develop the software following by the customer requirements. It will reduce workload of business running and save cost to recruit the software developers to integrate on adding some features and extensive software.

How long have you planned to set up the software? Could you explain more details about Q-ERP package for initailized software?

After installing the software, we provide the trainning room to customers who have enroled the course via our Q-ERP program. Whenever you request to import some information to the server, we will charge fees on reasonable price.
We will send the excel file to customers for preparing information as follows
General background depending on each Modules requirements.
Accounting Module

1. Company information/ Accounting Period/ Address/ others
2. Chart of Account
3. Currently used Bank Account
4. Billing code
5. Credit Term
6. Fix Assets
7. Employee
8. General Names
Purchase Module
1. Supplier
Sales Module
1. Customer
3. Transport Company
Inventory Module
1. Item Master/ Units
Manufacturing Module
1. Bill of Materials
Reports & Posting Module
1. General Account Posting
2. Account Receivable Posting
3. Account Payable Posting
4. Payable Posting
5. Receivable Posting
6. Inventory Posting
7. Fixed Asset Posting
Import Forms
Purchase Module

1. Purchase Order
Sales Module
1. Quotation
2. Sales Order
3. Sales Tax Invoice for credit
4. Sales Tax Invoice for cash
5. Export Sales Invoice
6. Temporary Deliverable Note
7. Sales Invoice
Inventory Module
1. Issued Authorization
Accounting Module
1. Receipt Note
2. Payable Note
3. Receivable Note
4. Billing Note
5. Invoice Note

Do you have trail version of Q-ERP Package?

Some ERPs which is downloaded from other websites, are not able to use the full options. It especially uses only fews functions in which we have no policy to let our customers install the software themselves. Our policy focuses on demonstration how to use the software with understandability and effectiveness. We provide application supporters to set up the software and then make an appointment date to demonstrate how to use the software and then allow the customers to use it.

What are the difference between Q-ERP software and Accounting Module?

The Q-ERP software is synchronized data with other modules including Accounting module. The benefit of using Q-ERP software is to examine some case issues when the users want to view the report, synchronizing data with other modules. With our respect to ease of use the software to manage the resource planning for your organization. The ERP software is also given the definition for The Enterprise Resource Planning with coverage the Accounting Module. The other Accounting software might not cover some features of General Leagers program like our Q-ERP software, which provides Fix Assets, and Depreciation Cost. If the customers use our Q-ERP software, they will purchase once that is coverage all of features instead of adding extensions to fulfill the software.

What should the company do when the case issue has happened during on use?

Our company is serving to the customers who request our assistants to solve on the problem issues by either phone-in or remote service to fix them. If the case issue is too complicated to solve within 24 hours, we will make appointment date to fix the problem by On-Site support.