Frontend ePOS Add-ons (Point of Sales)
Q-ERP Package
Frontend ePOS Add-ons (Point of Sales)

ProductCode : Q-ERP/eP

⇒ The ePOS is synchronized with our Q-ERP solution in Real Time.

⇒ Providing to work either ONLINE or OFFLINE

⇒ Providing the promotions to apply the discounts

⇒ Providing the Price List with binding the product price and service price.

⇒ This ePOS served to Customer Members










ระบบ ePOS สามารถผูกราคาขาย ตามระบบ pricelist ตามกลุ่มลูกค้า สินค้า จำนวนการขาย แบบอัตโนมัติ The ePOS provides the sale retailings based on the pricelist of the target customers, products, Quantity on sales automatically.  


Organizing the menus
The ePOS provides to create and organize the menu by yourself with software simplexity to improve on sales service.


Promotions & Discounts
The ePOS is served the calculation to whom the discount vouchers are applied depending on the promotions. It will be displayed the grand total after discount to customers.


Payment Method
Providing the diversity of purchasing Payments; for example, EDC Credit Card, QR Code, Promptpay, Transfer Bank Account, and Cash payment.


Variety of your business
This solution provides the benefit to your business in diversity; such as mart, artistic shop, etc.