Q-ERP Enterprise Version Manufacturing
Q-ERP Package
Q-ERP Enterprise Version Manufacturing

ProductCode : Q-ERP/eM

⇒ Providing the resource planning for large organization with full-option functionalities including Purchases Module, Sales Module, Inventory Module, and Accounting Module and Manufacturing Module.

Q-ERP Enterprise Version Manufacturing can be used with over 35 users simultaneously.

⇒ In order to increase the effectiveness in manipulating inventory with providing Lot spare for sales, Lot remaining of FIFO (First-In First-Out) and FEFO (First-Expired First-Out) and Lot customization.

⇒ In order to increase the effectiveness of the executive manager with specialized in data analysis; for example, Purchases Data Analysis, Sales Data Analysis, Inventory Data Analysis, CashBank Data Analysis.

 ⇒ It computes the bill of materials and expenses

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